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  •     Provides long-lasting comfort
  •     Helps prevent blisters or bruises
  •     Fits a standard pair of crutches
  •     Made from glycerin gel
  •     Designed to prevent hard spots
  •     Waterproof Covers
  •     High Glycerin Gel
  •     Gel Thickness: 3/8"
  •     Small handgrips are used for standard size crutches
  •     Large handgrips are used for forearm cuff style crutches
  •     Sold by the pair


Elasto-Gel Crutch-Mate Handgrips are made from a unique high glycerine gel designed to reduce pressure points and improve comfort. Crutch-Mate pads will not disintegrate, will help prevent friction, reduce the chance of skin breakdown and will provide long-lasting comfort. Crutch-Mate Handgrips are manufactured using a high glycerine content gel which is 3/8" thick. This patented gel formula ensures that the arm pads and handgrips will retain their shape and effectiveness. Crutch-Mate Handgrips will not dry out, crack or split. In addition, this resilient gel helps prevent friction and skin breakdown.

Size Guide:

  • Small- Grips for standard size crutches
  • Large- Grips for forearm cuff style crutches

Directions for use:

Remove the old hand grip from the crutch core. When applying the arm pad, simply stretch the Crutch-Mate over the core and press the hook and loop closure in place. To assemble the hand grip, remove the grip core from the crutch and slip off the original foam pad. Next, push the core through the Crutch-Mate gel pad and re-assemble to the crutch, making sure that the stitching is on the underside of the grip.

Cleaning Instructions:

Crutch-Mate & Crutch-Mate II arm pads and/or hand grips may be wiped down with a damp (not wet) cloth and mild soap or disinfectant. Allow the arm pads and or hand grips to air dry before use. Please Note: DO NOT machine wash or allow the gel to get wet. The gel will absorb water and swell.

This item is non-returnable. Due to our compliance with Health and Safety regulations, we cannot accept returns on this product.